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Business Password Security Checklist

Business Password Security Explained Protecting your business from data theft and malicious attacks doesn't have to be hard. Simply following the password security checklist (further down in this email) can greatly improve the security of your business at no cost to...

Millions Using 123456 As Password

Millions of people are using easy-to-guess passwords on sensitive accounts, suggests a study. An analysis by the UK's National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) found 123456 was the most widely-used password on breached accounts. The study helped to uncover the gaps in...

The Cloud? Businesses Making The Move

Businesses moving to the cloud If you’re a business owner, you always want to cut down the costs and actively focus on growth, who doesn't? That’s why it makes a lot of sense to move your business to the cloud. In the past decade cloud computing has continually...

Importance of performing business network and security audits

Your company is always processing new information, contacting new clients and completing various tasks. But as time goes by, some tasks might end up bringing in security issues and other similar problems. This can be extremely problematic because you can end up losing money if your business info is stolen and sold by hackers. So it’s crucial to perform a business network and security audit from time to time.

Find Polycom VVX IP Address

Finding the IP address of your Polycom VVX phone may be needed for provisioning or troubleshooting your phone. You may find the IP address of your Polycom VVX phone by performing the following steps: Press the Home button Select the Settings option and hit OK Select...

How to Generate CSR with certreq on Server 2016

Trying to generate a CSR on your Windows Server 2016? There is no reason to install OPENSSL or install IIS just to generate a CSR, simply use the built in certreq.exe with an INF file to generate a CSR using the guide below.   Create an INF file with the...

List of Companies Attacked with Ransomware

Even with ransomware attacks down across the board this year compared to 2017, a lot of companies and government entities are still being targeted and infected with ransomware. The main reason for this decline is that targeted ransomware attacks are becoming more...

Ransomware Reports

Ransomware has been on a decline due to the increase in specifically targeted attack vectors as described in our List of Companies Attacked with Ransomware. Just because there is less ransomware going around doesn't mean your company should stop worrying about the...

Installing Let’s Encrypt on cPanel

The guide below will allow you to utilize free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt on your cPanel Server. Yesterday we discussed the Importance of SSL certificates and today we're giving you one of the many ways your business can implement SSL certificates for all of...

Importance of SSL Certificates in Business

I've always researched companies around the area where I live as well as around the area of our current office in Bensenville, however, I recently noticed that a lot of companies are still not utilizing SSL certificates on their company websites and decided to write a...

Best Small Business Server

Business owners and key decision makers often wonder what the best server for a small business is. Most people would agree that choosing the right server for your small business can be a difficult process. We’re here to help you choose from a variety of options to...

Importance of Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

We live in an era of technology and development. Technology has been rapidly taking over every field of our life, especially the business industry. There are so hundreds, if not more, solutions available that can help your business move it's entire data online. By...

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Benefits of Managed IT Services Why is it important for your business to consider hiring a company such as AtyxIT for their Managed IT Services? Switching to Managed IT Services can mean outsourcing your organization’s IT management and support instead of solely...

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