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Enterprise-grade cyber security for small and medium sized businesses.


Let us, the professionals, worry about IT.


Managed Cyber Security

Tired of constantly worrying about the cyber security of your business? Global ransomware damage costs were rightly predicted to exceed $5 billion in 2017 so your worries are definitely justified. With a ransomware attack predicted to occur every 14 seconds in 2019, you need a trusted technology partner that’s well versed in Cyber Security. The President of ATYXIT started his venture with computers at a young age; that venture only resulted with infecting his family computer with thousands of viruses and trojans. Having no one else around to help, he was forced into researching how to get rid of each virus individually and spending hours upon hours cleaning up the machine. Now, years later, ATYXIT and its President have cleaned up countless machines from thousands of malware variants and brought in state-of-the-art cyber security products in conjunction with a modernistic approach to protect businesses from new infections and attacks with the use of our very own Cyber Security stack. Who better to protect your business from cyber attacks than a company and President who’ve seen and been through it all when it comes to Cyber Security?

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Industry Leading Protection and Remadiation

Our Cyber Security stack brings all of the industry-leading protection and remediation solutions into one enterprise-grade solution. Our multi-layer approach to Cyber Security includes features such as malware and virus detection, breach response and remediation, malicious website blocking, ransomware blocking, exploit protection as well as email protection into a single solution to protect you, your employees and your business.

Centralized Management Console

Through the use of our Cyber Security stack our Security Engineers have the ability to access a centralized management console and perform all remediation actions from within that console. This also provides us with a consolidated view of threats stopped by our solution, company-wide alerts and comprehensive reporting.

Mail Protection

According to a report from Wombat Security nearly 75% of all organizations experienced phishing attacks in 2017. Of those, 49% resulted in malware infections, 38% resulted in compromised accounts and 13% resulted in a loss of data. Our Cyber Security stack includes a mail protection solution that can stop all these emails right in their tracks. Gone will be the days of your employees having to constantly worry about whether or not the invoice they received is legitimate or not.

No Additional Cost

You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for keeping your business safe from cyber security threats. This is why our Cyber Security stack is included with all of our Managed Services offerings, to all clients, big or small. You can’t put a price on security, so we include it in all of our plans at no additional cost.


How ATYXIT Does Cyber Security

We’re proud to say that only tried and tested solutions are included in our Cyber Security stack. We only trust software that we’ve seen in action and can rely on keeping your business secure, because when your business succeeds, we succeed. Our Cyber Security stack is designed to help your business stay secure, no matter the industry you fall into (even Healthcare and Legal). Our anti-malware and anti-virus solutions stop payload based attacks dead in their tracks, and our anti-phishing and anti-spam solution prevents emails that contain such payloads alongside fake log-in pages from coming through in the first place.

The best thing is, you won’t have to do or worry about anything.

The change is seamless, cost-effective and therefore, definitely for the budget-conscious.

Are you even a target?

Wondering if your business is even a target to cyber attacks? According to Ponemon Institue’s 2017 Cybersecurity report, the percentage of small business that have experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months is up from 55% in 2016 to 61% in 2017. The main reason behind this statistic is that smaller and medium sized businesses present more vulnerabilities to hackers, which tend to utilize opportunistic approaches and techniques. Who better to target than a company that doesn’t have the budget to build out their own Cyber Security stack to prevent these attacks? Protect your business by contacting us today for a Free Cyber Security Assessment.
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You have a business to run

Running a business is no easy task. Allow us to take some of the weight off your shoulders by becoming your Technology Partner and Cyber Security advocate. All of our cyber security solutions ensure control, delivery, and protection of your business data and your employees. On top of that, our team of Cyber Security experts is always here to help your business with any issues that arise, driving down the cost associated with employing outside firms for third-party security audits or local cyber security stack deployments.


Money Savings

We don’t charge any additional fees for keeping your business safe from cyber attacks. Our Cyber Security stack is included in our Managed Services offerings.

Secured & Compliant Data

We implement consolidated control, delivery and protection of all your company’s data. Never worry about the security of your business or your data again.

Cyber Security Experts

We employ in-house cyber security experts that live and breathe cyber security. Who better to protect your business than someone who’s seen it all?

Head Held High

Make your technology work for you, and not the other way around. Walk with your head held high knowing your business follows enterprise-grade cyber security recommendations.

Total Mail Protection

Tired of second guessing every single attachment and email you receive? Our Total Mail Protection ensures that no spam or phishing emails ever make it to your or your employees’ inboxes.

Quarterly Audits

We stand behind our Cyber Security stack like no other company. We perform quarterly audits on all of our customers networks to ensure that we never miss anything.

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