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AtyxIT is here to put your business above the competition with our Cloud Solutions for Chicago businesses.


Let us, the professionals, worry about IT.


Managed Cloud Solutions

AtyxIT is here to show small to medium sized businesses that moving their business to the cloud doesn’t have to be expensive or cumbersome. We offer a variety of cloud solutions for all sorts of businesses, all for a fraction of the price it would cost a business to deploy locally. We excel in providing innovative and cost conscious cloud solutions for your business. While some companies are comfortable with deploying in-house servers and infrastructures, small to medium sized companies do not always find it necessary to spends thousands of dollars to deploy and manage local infrastructure. With our Cloud Solutions you’ll be spending a fraction of what it would cost your business to deploy local infrastructure, all while retaining even faster and better technical support that your business infrastructure deserves.


No Maintenance Worries

The days of having to spend thousands of dollars on maintaining local infrastructure are no more. With our constant monitoring of our cloud solutions, we are on constant alert for any issues or errors, which allows us to perform proactive work as well as resolve issues before they ever impact your business.

Blazing Fast Support

Our team of cloud experts is always available to resolve any issues you and your employees experience. Our direct access to our cloud infrastructure allows us to do much more than just simple troubleshooting.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

All of our Cloud Solutions utilize a software called Veeam with a reverse incremental backup configuration with both on-site and off-site backups and an emergency spin-up.  When it comes to data backups, we know what we’re doing.

Strength In Numbers

Tired of your current or past IT providers not having the time to ensuring your business stays in business? Our core mission revolves around helping your business thrive, because when you thrive, we thrive. You can read more About US.

How AtyxIT Does Cloud Services

We pride ourselves on offering only tried and tested Cloud Services that keep your data in compliance with regulatory bodies. Our cloud solutions are fully HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley Act, FISMA, FERPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA compliant. Our goal is to keep your business running smoother than ever. No two companies are the exact same in the way they operate and do business, this is why all of our Managed Cloud Solutions are configured on an as-needed basis, because the way we approach Cloud for your company should be unique, just like your company.

Business Mobility

Reach out today to reduce downtime, increase profitablity and make your technology work for you. Our cloud solutions will allow you to take your business to the next level, and with our Hosted Desktop solutions you’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world, on any device, and at any time of your choosing.
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You have a business to run

Running your business is no easy task. Allow us to take some of the weight off your shoulders by becoming your Technology Partner.    All of our cloud solutions offer secure & compliant data that consolidates control, delivery, and protection of your business data and your employees. On top of that, our ability to dynamically allocate computing resources to your business simplifies the management needs and drives down costs. That’s right, not only will we save your business money but we’ll drive down your current technological costs at the same time.


Money Savings

Zero upfront costs,  no energy costs, pay for what you use, and streamline your workforce for a better Return On Investment.

Secured & Compliant Data

Thanks to our Cyber Security stack, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your business or your data again.

Amazing Support

AtyxIT was founded with Customer Support in mind. We pride ourselves on our swift support response and resolution times.

Make Life Easier

Make life easier for yourself, your business and your employees. Keep your employees happy with a system that simply works and keeps them focused on the task at hand.

Time Savings

Managing individual physical workstations can sometimes be a nightmare. Our cloud solutions make managing your business and its employees a breeze, saving you and us previous time.

Eliminate Workstations

There’s no further need for your business to order and configure expensive workstations for each one of your employees. They are easily replaced with inexpensive zero or thin client machines.

Why Move to the Cloud?

Businesses are making a change and moving to the cloud due to several key factors. One of the key factors is cost effectiveness. You no longer need to pay for up-front costs for hardware nor the cost to maintain and upgrade the hardware as time goes on. Small and medium sized businesses can tightly control their costs by paying for the cloud infrastructure based on their needs. There is no reason to commit to a fixed cost for servers, software, setup or maintenance. A public cloud solution can allow your business to scale up and down as you need to, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing and deploying additional hardware due to a merger or even having to liquidate unnecessary hardware. We as the cloud provider are the ones that take care of the maintenance of the hardware, software and the networking in the cloud. This keeps your business clear of any costs associated with keeping the infrastructure up-to-date or having to worry about aspects like security and upgrades.


It doesn’t matter what Industry you do business in, we’ve built solutions for them all, including Legal and Healthcare.

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