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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

We’re here to keep your business and your data safe from online and physical threats.


Importance of BDR

Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions are like an insurance policy for your business. To put it simply, the cost of Backup & Disaster Recovery is like an insurance premium that you pay in case of an unforeseen event. When disaster strikes, you’ll be able to not only file a ‘claim’ for your stored data but ensure that no data loss has occurred due to our implementation of encryption at all ends. On the other hand, not having an insurance policy in place for your data can result in the loss of data, income, and even a complete loss of your business as it currently stands. Data is what drives a business and according to a nationwide survey released by the Hartford insurance company, more than half of all U.S. businesses (53 percent) have experienced a cyber attack in the past year. Don’t let your business fall victim and become another statistic.

Three copies of your data

One on-site copy, and two copies located in the cloud at separate physical datacenters ensure your business is protected against fire, flood, theft, and other physical and natural disasters.

Data Stored In Two Formats

One physical on-site hard drive and the cloud to ensure that even in the event of a major catastrophe occurring at your business, the data will still be available to you.

Host and Appliance Based Encryption

We pride ourselves on offering both host and appliance based encryption solutions with our Cyber Security stack. Encryption ensures that any backups of your data are stored in such a way that even in the event of someone gaining malicious access to your backup location, the data will be unreadable and unusable without the decryption key.

Low Cost

Our cloud-based BDR plans are included in our Managed Services offerings so you don’t pay anything extra for keeping your business data safe and sound.



We pride ourselves on offering a tried and tested Backup & Disaster Recovery solution that follows the backup guidelines agreed on by thousands of IT professionals. We utilize local as well as redundant cloud storage with modern encryption algorithms.

Allow us to assist you in keeping the keys to your kingdom safe and sound.


What People Are Saying About Our BDR

We’re extremely satisfied to have consulted with ATYXIT on bringing in a new backup solution for our business.

Angelique DeFrenza


It’s unfortunate that we’ve had to lose our data before finally consulting with you guys on how to prevent such attacks in the future. Thank you for all of your help.
Monika Kozlowska


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