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Empowering Chicago Construction Companies with Enterprise-Grade Technology Solutions

Secure, Compliant, Easy, and Affordable IT for Chicago Construction Companies

You focus on building, we focus on technology.

With the amount of building codes your construction company has to follow when working on a project is a heachade in of itself. Why add to the headache with worries about the security of your company’s data and spending additional time managing your technological side of the company? AtyxIT is here to help you focus on building while we focus on technology of your construction business.

We Put Security First

Cybersecurity in this modern day and age is a must for any business, construction companies included. Rampant spoofed emails and hijacked invoices and money transactions can cause your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. AtyxMSP for Construction is built around our principal of Steady Security with our utilization of our very own Cyber Security stack. We take a multi-layered approach to security using a combination of technology solutions, best practice procedures, and end-user training to ensure that all of your critical infrastructure and company data is always protected from the latest cyber threats.

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Empowering Collaboration

Teamwork is what makes the dream work. With AtyxMSP for Construction your team can work better than ever, office employees and foremen alike. AtyxMSP for Construction includes the world’s most popular and widely used collaboration platforms such as Office 365 and Cloud Hosted Desktop. Grant you and your team the ability to work effortlessly and securely from any device anywhere in the world, all the while safeguarding all your critical business data.

Let us rennovate your construction company.

We’ll help your construction company run smoother than ever. How would you feel if you were a victim to a cyber attack and lost all of your business data? Would you rather have one in-house or on call technician that can come out and attempt to resolve your issues for a high hourly rate and with no guarantee or an experienced and affordable technological partner such as AtyxIT that can prevent all of these issues from occurring in the first place, and all for the same flat monthly fee? The choice is easy for most people, and that’s to contact us. It simply can’t hurt, as our ideology revolves around a simple but important idea: When your business succeeds, we succeed.

All that’s left for us to do is ask: When will it be a good time for us to talk about securing and improving the technology of your business?


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