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Greater Risks for Small Businesses

Small businesses often experience a greater risk from hackers, malware and other security threats. We’ve all seen the headlines, things like ‘Data Breach’, ‘Small vendor a key tool used in a bigger attack’ and others. Small businesses are under ever increasing attacks from cyber criminals and are frequently used as a stepping stone to a bigger target such as the bigger enterprises they conduct business with. In fact, almost 30% of all targeted attacks are now targeted at the smaller businesses, with the numbers continuously growing and other attack forms increasing. The worst thing is, most small businesses are not prepared for targeted attacks due to nearly no protection in place and extremely limited IT resources. The difference between success and failure, as it relates to recovering from a breach, truly is dependent on whether or not you have protections in place for this sort of thing. ATYXIT is the security-first IT provider your small business needs. Cyber Security is a focal point of all of our services, including our Managed IT services. In this day and age, it’s important to focus on security, no matter the up-front cost. I advise you also read our blog post on other IT providers (not security focused) being attacked by hackers which led to the loss of all of their customers’ data.

Importance of Security Updates

Everyone has experienced software and system updates that offer critical patches against newly discovered security threats. These patches usually only come AFTER malware and security incidents have already occurred. The timing between the identification of malware or a vulnerability and the patch can range from weeks to months. This often leaves unprotected systems vulnerable until the patch is released. Without a cyber security solution in place that offers proactive and thorough protection, there are millions of opportunities for your company to fall victim to. When you factor in recently discovered information such as that ‘Hundreds of US schools are still vulnerable to WannaCry’, it really makes you see the Value of IT Security in your business.

Complete Protection With Limited Resources

So how does a small business protect itself from attacks like these while remaining resource and budget conscious? Being resource and budget conscious does not have to mean forgoing necessary protections, especially when all of the solutions in our Cyber Security stack are provided to each one of our clients for no additional fee. We utilize a modernistic approach to cyber security withe easy-to-implement and easy-to-use managed security offerings. This allows small businesses to get the same level (and even more) protection as a larger enterprise for more affordable prices.

Not all security products are the same

Small businesses should carefully review and compare security products. While there are three key areas that most anti-virus and anti-malware vendors will ask for you to focus on, you should leave it all to a group of experts that have done this hundreds of times, and have protected countless businesses. We are those experts. Our Cyber Security solutions are built into all of our Managed IT plans to ensure every customer receives the protection they deserve, no matter the cost. As for the three key areas, they usually recommend that you focus on:

• Ease-of-use: Security products that are easy to install and use allow you to focus on running you businesses, not on running or managing software.
• Speed: An effective security product should work fast to complete scans without noticeable impact to a user’s computer or system resources.
• Effectiveness: While speed is important, speed at the cost of effectiveness is a problem. A highly performing security solution should proactively protect against all known and unknown threats without impacting daily business functions.

As you may already know, we’re here to do good and be honest. Our Cyber Security solutions meet all three key areas, so let’s work together.

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