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IT complexity is a growing challenge for all businesses, regardless of size. The reason is that IT is now integral to virtually every business process. Every company now needs a plan, devised by professionals, for support, security, data protection, business continuity, budgeting and long term strategy. Though businesses increasingly leverage technology for productivity, cost savings, and competitive advantages –when it fails, the company is more vulnerable than it was in the past.

Unmanaged IT can undermine, rather than advance, company goals. For this reason every business today needs the guidance of an experienced IT professional. A full-time CIO is neither affordable or necessary for most business. This is where the vCIO (included in our Managed IT Services) comes in. Here are some of the critical IT challenges that an ATYXIT vCIO will manage for your business.

IT Roadmap & Budget

The first order of business for the vCIO is to understand company goals and determine the technology gaps standing in the way. We then devise a plan, based on importance, urgency, and budget to achieve these goals. We pass that plan on to you and adjust the timeline and project priorities as needed.


As you may already know, the security of our clients is the top priority at ATYXIT. We insist on following stringent industry standards and best practices to keep our clients safe from breaches, hacking, viruses, malware and spam. System continuity, backup and data recovery are critical components of your company’s overall security plan. We institute best practices and raise the security standards in your business by implementing our state-of-the-art Cyber Security solutions.

Process Improvement

Many businesses implement technology in an ad-hoc fashion, with very little forethought, planning, and impact analysis. Examples are databases, servers, CRM software, cloud solutions. The vCIO looks at these systems and
processes with fresh eyes and deep industry experience to reduce redundancy and frustration, and improve productivity –or suggest an entirely new approach.

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