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In the realm of virtualization technology, VMware has long been a household name, providing essential tools for businesses to streamline their IT infrastructure. Among its flagship products is VMware ESXi, a hypervisor enabling the creation and management of virtual machines. However, recent developments, including changes in pricing strategies following Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, have sparked discussions and raised questions about the future of VMware’s offerings. In this blog post, we’ll explore the journey of VMware, delve into ESXi pricing, and analyze the implications of the Broadcom acquisition on VMware’s product landscape.

The Rise of VMware:

VMware revolutionized the IT industry with its virtualization solutions, empowering organizations to optimize resource utilization, enhance flexibility, and reduce costs. ESXi, VMware’s hypervisor, played a pivotal role in this transformation by allowing users to abstract physical hardware and run multiple virtual machines on a single server.

ESXi Pricing Dynamics:

Historically, VMware offered ESXi through various pricing models, including perpetual licenses, subscriptions, and feature-based tiers. These pricing structures provided customers with flexibility tailored to their specific needs, whether they were small businesses, enterprises, or service providers. Additionally, VMware offered free versions of ESXi, albeit with limited features, catering to users seeking basic virtualization capabilities without the financial commitment.

Changes Post-Acquisition:

The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom brought about significant changes in the company’s approach to pricing and product offerings. Broadcom, a leading semiconductor and infrastructure software company, aimed to leverage VMware’s technologies to complement its portfolio and enhance its position in the market.

One notable change following the acquisition was the restructuring of VMware’s pricing models. While VMware supposedly remained committed to providing value to its customers, there were adjustments in licensing terms and pricing tiers for ESXi and other VMware products. Some of these changes included:

Consolidation of Offerings: Broadcom sought to streamline VMware's product lineup, consolidating redundant features and simplifying licensing options to improve clarity for customers. This resulted in giant pricing increases on renewals for customers.

Shift towards Subscription-based Models: In alignment with industry trends, VMware transitioned towards subscription-based pricing models, offering customers more flexibility with recurring payments and access to the latest updates and features while removing the ability to purchase perpetual licenses that avoided the hefty monthly costs.

Emphasis on Enterprise Agreements: VMware prioritized Enterprise Agreements (EAs) to cater to the needs of large-scale deployments, providing comprehensive licensing and support packages tailored to enterprise requirements at enterprise pricing.

Impact on Customers:

The changes in pricing and licensing under Broadcom’s ownership had varying impacts on VMware customers. While some welcomed the shift towards subscription models for its predictability and scalability, others expressed concerns about potential cost increases and the phasing out of perpetual licensing options.

Moreover, the consolidation of offerings and changes in licensing terms prompted organizations to reevaluate their virtualization strategies and assess the long-term implications on their IT budgets and infrastructure planning.

Looking Ahead:

As VMware continues to operate under Broadcom, it remains essential for customers to stay informed about changes in pricing, licensing, and product roadmaps. You should not be surprised to see renewal pricing that doubles, triples or even quadruples compared to your old price. While the transition may pose challenges, it also presents opportunities for organizations to optimize their IT investments, embrace cloud-native technologies, and drive innovation in their digital transformation journey.


VMware’s journey from its inception to its acquisition by Broadcom marks a significant chapter in the evolution of virtualization technology. As ESXi and other VMware products undergo changes in pricing and licensing, organizations must adapt to new realities while leveraging these technologies to stay competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. By partnering with trusted and informed IT partners such as ATYXIT, your business can stay ahead of unforeseen pricing increases and migrate to other, more affordable virtualization options in record times.

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