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COVID-19 Technology Remedies

It’s more important than ever to provide solid technology solutions to empower your business and your employees alike during these difficult times.  

Remote-Work WorriesAbout Us


Allowing your employees to work on the same files from anywhere in the world. Our file management solution will empower your team to work together no matter what device they are using or where they’re working from.


Managing your employee’s devices allows you to retain complete control of your business data in a physical and Cybersecurity sense.  Keeping data secure while employees works from home should be your top priority.


We utilize a suite of products for retaining productivity. Business communication software, optional employee monitoring software as well as device monitoring to ensures that employees do not experience interruptions while working remotely.

Working From Home

Any business not prepared for working from home will encounter issues with productivity and device management while exposing company data to an additional level of risk from cyberattacks and data loss. Implementation of state-of-the-art solutions and policies ensures that business productivity doesn’t decline and that both your business and your employees are prepared for working from home without any interruptions.

Standards and Policies

Defined standards and policies are key to ensuring your company is prepared to working remotely should such a need arise. We have over eight years of experience assisting businesses in implementing remote-work solutions built atop of leading industry standards.  

Why Worry?

Before COVID, 3.5% of the workforce already worked remotely from home at least half of the week and roughly 44% of employees say that part of their teams are full-time remote workers. The amount of people who work remotely at least once per week has grown by 400% since 2010 and with easier access to company resources it’s important to implement strict standards to ensure businesses allowing remote work are not exposed to malicious attacks. Enabling businesses for remote work is trivial when compared to the security standards that one must implement for such companies.

Fast and Global

The amount of companies worldwide allowing their employees to work remotely is growing at a notable pace.



2-Factor Authentication reduces the potentially devastating risks associated with compromised passwords and helps ensure that your employee is the one logging on to your system and accessing company data, no matter what.

Next-Gen Antivirus

We leverage existing partnerships to provide our clients with affordable antivirus solutions powered by artificial intelligence techniques that detect unconventional malware and threats to their businesses.


Rigorous data retention policies allow you to relax and not worry about data loss. Redundant backups in conjunction with encryption allow your business to continue even in the most unforeseen circumstances.


Data Loss Prevention can help control what data your employees and devices on your network are allowed to transfer.  The adoption of Data Loss Prevention is mostly driven by insider threats and by more rigorous privacy laws. 


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