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Virus Removal in Schaumburg

As we talk about on our About Us page, ATYXIT was founded with the goal of providing the highest level of IT Support with an emphasis on Cyber Security. We care deeply for our clients and go above and beyond to ensure their networks stay secure and clear of any instrustions. If you believe your network has been attacked, you can rest assured; we provide Virus Removal in Schaumburg with a free consultation. There is no contracts to sign and no commitments required; we will review the issue at hand, provide you with a plan of action and help get your business back on track.

Viruses – News

Viruses have plagued small and medium businesses for decades now. The rise in targeted ransomware attacks has negatively impacted companies from all countries and sectors, including, but not limited to: governments, police departments, court systems and Fortune 500 companies. Malware and virus removal in Schaumburg is something we possess 15+ years of experience in and take pride in resolving.

A survey of 150 federal cyber-security leaders found that 73 percent of respondents feel a lack of foundational data protection effort puts their agency at risk. The healthcare sector alone is currently averaging $1.85 million to recover from a ransomware incident.

Recovering from a malicious cyber-attack can take years and is a lot morew involved than simply removing malicious software or decrypting encrypted files. Entire business infrastructures will generally need to be rebuild from scratch while the organization incurs operational downtime.

Virus Prevention – Best Practices

The best way to prevent needing virus removal in Schaumburg is to follow the laid out best practices below:

  1. Possess a written, tried and tested disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
  2. Enact and build on zero trust policies within your organization.
  3. Invest in data protection solutions such as:
  4. Perform quarterly tests of all data backup and recovery solutions.
  5. Employ an IT provider that can remotely manage corporate devices and roll out security updates and patches as they roll out.

While there is no one solution that can accurately stop all threats, investing in the cyber security of your business can severely decrease the chances your business ever becomes a victim in the first place.

If you’re in need of virus removal in Schaumburg or simply need to speak to someone about the best way to prevent your business from becoming a victim, ATYXIT will be happy to help you.

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